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Unmask anonymous users on, as you are probably aware, is the rapidly growing social network site where you can both ask questions and respond to questions posed by friends or strangers.

Every question can be asked publicly or anonymously. lets you unmask anonymous users on

Each question is stored along with an encrypted key that contains the profile ID of the person who asked you the question. However, if the user who asked you the question was not logged in at the time, their IP address will be displayed

Find out who is asking anonymous questions

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  • Sarah Gekins

    Merci pour votre système, grâce à vous j'ai démasqué une personne qui arrêtée pas de m'insulter sans aucunes raisons. Mais maintenant je sais qui est cette personne.

  • Julie Daurou

    Super votre site, j'ai démasqué pleins de questions. Vous imaginez pas le nombres de faux culs qui existent dans mes contacts facebook. J'ai réussie à faire un gros trie MERCI !